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Interludes (In The Company of Shadows, #2.5) -  Ais, Santino Hassell

Please don't read this post, if you haven't read Evenfall AND Afterimage.


Awh, these stories I love them with all the different POVs and all the things happening. It's like getting a 360° view in comparision to one of 180° in the prequels.


Some things that came to my mind:

- I don't like Ivan. I can't say why. Maybe it is because he seems to be to good to be true. Or because I sense some ulterior motive behind his actions. Hope I'm on the wrong track here.
Maybe it is just the fact I'm in team Boyd (although I don't want to choose one of the MCs over the other). Nonetheless I love this guy with all his flaws, inner monologues (see the next point) and insecurities. He's grown quite well over time and isn't such an egotistic teenager (or better explained a person who wanted to be needed by just one single soul) anymore.  

- It's awesome that we don't have to read pages and pages of internal monologes anymore. Don't get me wrong I like reading about the MC's thoughts but Sin, and Boyd even more, have a way of repeating themselves. In The Interludes the thoughts flow in the right amount and intensity. I think this would be one of the things worth cutted out in the edited new versions of Evenfall and Afterimage.

- I wouldn't have guessed it but I really like Emilio from the actions I've seen so far.

- Vivienne is one of the cruelest bitches I've ever met in a book. I don't know, if I get her right. She doesn't seem to be evil she just doesn't care about human beings. It's like her capacity of feeling love has died with her husband. It makes me cringe. I don't only fear for Boyd but for everyone at the Agency. All these people are just resources for her even more than they have been for Connors because she doesn't give a shit. Someone in charge shouldn't be that way so it really disturbs me.


All in all I see why everyone keeps telling me the series gets better and better. It definitely does.^^