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Panic ~ Lauren Oliver

Panic - Lauren Oliver

Panic. It's a game. A dangerous game with dare after dare. Only the pupils of the senior high school class can participate. They have spent a whole year money into a pot and only the winner of Panic gets that pot.

Heather. She lives in a trailor park with her drug loving mum, her boyfriend and her younger sister. It's smoky, noisy and cramped. Heather hates it. At the beginning of the summer Heather's boyfriend broke-up with her. When Panic starts Heather joins the game on the spur of the moment.

Dodge. He must win Panic. Not for the money or for the fame, no, Dodge wants revenge. Two years ago Dogde's older sister Dayna got quadriplegic after she had an accident in the final round of panic based on a manipulated car. The little brother of that years' winner is now in the game. So, tit for tat it is for Dogde - whatever the cost.


Panic was a difficult book with a heavy subject. Panic takes place in a fictive little town somewhere between Albany and New York near Route 87. Every teenager knows about the game nobody speaks about it with the adults otherwise one would only get into trouble. Every year a new jury organise the game - but nobody knows who this jury is. Sometimes people die during the game, sometimes they get seriously injured like Dayna. The whole idea made me sick. That there are teenagers who need money or other things so badly they must play the game. Heather for example starts on a whim but gets later a real motivation to win the game. If you read some of the dares you'll know why I'm grossed out by the whole idea.

How is it possible for all the adults to do nearly nothing and not enough to stop that bullshit? Aren't children our valuable assets? My daughter means the world for me and I would wreak havoc to stop such a game. The longer I think about it the more I could freak out.


Yes, Panic was another difficult book by Lauren Oliver. She likes to affront her readers by writing thought-provoking books. I really like that and I also love her writing style. And it worked in a way with Panic. I thought a lot about the book and it's message and couldn't stop reading it.

Nonetheless I didn't like it so much because of the characters. Although I could sympathise with the characters I didn't like them. Neither Heather nor Dodge could warm my heart. It was a surprise that the book has something like a happy ending. It was just a snap-shot but after reading other books by the author I didn't reckon on it.

I finished the book with a bitter aftertaste and I still think of it that way.


If you want to read a book about despair, angst, dejection, friends and foes, love, hope and about finding the courage, to take responsibility for ones life give Panic a try. Even if you won't like it it will be an interesting read.