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Help wanted! What books should I buy for my holiday?

Captive Prince: Volume One (Volume 1) - S. U. Pacat Play (A Stage Dive Novel) - Kylie Scott Something Like Summer  - Jay Bell Royce Ree Omnibus (The Emperor's New Clothes), Volume 1 - Aldous Mercer Double Alchemy - Susan Mac Nicol My Life as A White Trash Zombie - Diana Rowland Loving Jay - Renae Kaye The Slave Catcher - Lilia Ford The Dragon God's Son (The Gods of Myth) - Mallory Kellogg Let's Hear It for the Boy - T.A. Webb

Of course, I don't need more books. But hey, holiday is going to be fun and buying books is even more fun. Ergo, if I combine both ... you get it :D.


I'm planning to buy 5 e-books but can't decide. So please help me. I picked 10 and mentioned some pro and cons. Which books would you choose?

Captive Prince - S. U. Pacat

pro: Sounds awesome and everybody loves it.

con:  A series and the last one isn't published yet.


Play - Kylie Scott

pro: I loved Mat in the first book of this series

con: I'm very picky at them moment with CR. Do I really want to read it now?


Something like Summer - Jay Bell

pro: Sounds like fun, I love the author's story (source - Amazon:Jay Bell never gave much thought to Germany until he met a handsome foreign exchange student. At that moment, beer and pretzels became the most important thing in the world. After moving to Germany and getting married, Jay found himself desperate to communicate the feelings of alienation, adventure, and love that surrounded this decision, and has been putting pen to paper ever since.)

con: A finished series but, yeah, a series.


Roce Ree series - Aldous Mercer

pro: 5 in 1, love the author's bizarre style

con: Do I want to think so much during my holiday?


Double Alchemy - Susan Mac Nicol

pro: Every time I see this cover I stop buy and read the blurb once more.

con: I'm not sure about the blurb. Argh.

My life as A White Trash Zombie - Diana Rowland

pro: Love this cover, like Zombies, not m/m for variety

con: Another f**ing series.


Loving Jay - Renae Kaye

pro: Love the blurb.

con: It's kind of expensive for such a short story.


The Slave Catcher - Lilia Ford

pro: Science fiction and m-m. Want. I've read an interview with the author. She sounds very nice.

con: It's a novella and I like to spend some time with my characters.


The Dragon God's Son - Mallory Kellogg

pro: I love Mallory's posts and the storie about life under water sounds intriguing.

con: Yepp, another first of a series. It's work in progress. Let's


Hear it for the Boy - T. A. Webb

pro: I've read this great review from Sandra@Myfictionnook who highly recommend this book.

con: Another novella and neither a cheap one.


Our family is leaving on Sunday. Enough time to choose and buy :D.