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The Deep End of the Sea ~ Heather Lyons

The Deep End of the Sea - Heather Lyons

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Since two thousand years Medusa has been banned to Gorgon an Island in the Aegean sea. Half woman, half snake with murderous eyes and little snakes as hairs - that's Medusa. She has been cursed by Athena for desecrating her temple. But Medusa shouldn't have been punished because Poseidon raped her. Even today Medusa hates Poseidon and is paralysed by fear at the same time. Medusa's only friends are an old and blind sailor and Hermes, son of Zeus and brother of Athena.
But Hermes would never hurt Medusa. He has plans. He wants her to revise her case at the Olympic board. He wants her to be able to leave Gorgon. He wants to breake the curse. Finally he succeeds and Medusa's petition goes well. The curse is removed and Medusa gets a second chance at Olympus. That's when Medusa's life becomes a clusterfuck...

I love Greek mythology. I really do. Therefore I couldn't resist The Deep End of the Sea by Heather Lyons. It was lovely to follow Medusa's thoughts during the first half of the book. Despite everything bad which had happend she was still friendly, funny and kind. Meduas was a mixture of an old sould and a teenage girl in this book which was adorable at first. And I liked the funny and witty style of the book.
But the more the romance picked up speed the cheesier it got. At the end the story felt shallow to me. It wasn't that bad but after the promising start nothing special anymore. The plot had some holes. I asked myself: What happend to Medusa's human friends? What happend to the bad guys? I mean they were misguided gods with lots of power, huh. But worst of all, the plot was predictable. And the end, that was way too sweet for my liking.

The idea of The Deep End of the Sea was a nice one but all in all the story couldn't convince me.