~ Happy reading ~



To hot for anything?

This weekend (including Monday because it's public holiday) we had more than 35 °C (95 °F). One could only survive outside near water. So I was outside a lot. We have a fountain just around the corner. It's the best fountain ever. The water comes out of 20 or so small holes in the ground (about  5 x 5 m²) and even small children can play there safely. And it's a lot of fun for the adults too. ;) That's one reason why I wasn't much on BL.


The other reason? I wrote a little fanfiction story last friday which had to be pimpt fast. Best of all, I wrote it in English. It's very short (I've learned it's called a short short when a story has between 500-1.000 words). You are welcome to read it if you like. Its a Harry Potter (Draco Malfoy) fanfiction called Ashes left behind.


It was betaed by the wonderful SilverThistle although she was busy with preparations for her house selling. Dear Silver, you did a brilliant job and I want to thank you here once more! ♥


If would have loved more beta readers but wasn't sure whom to ask. If you like fanfiction and love Harry Potter AND would love to use your red marker properly, please feel free to tell me. I think one can't get enough input from native speakers when writing in a non-native language.


Have a nice and cooler night (or day) than we are going to have.