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The Rose Tattoo ~ Story by Vaysh, Art by raitala

What do you say about a story inspired by some great song lyrics completed by some gorgeous pictures? Not bad? Wrong! This composition is awesome.

Yes, have a look:


First the Song: Rose tattoo by Dropkick Murphys (lyrics).

Second the fanfiction: The Rose Tattoo, story by Vaysh, art by raitala


The Rose tattoo is a short fic about Draco Malfoy. Due to Harry Potter he is on probation after the war. He gets a tattoo when he's out drunk. Though his life doesn't go as planned (no eighth year at Hogwarts, not being heir of a manor, chastised with a father who flew from Azkaban) this tattoo becomes an anchor and compass to Draco. The story is short and lovely. It isn't very explicit (the first pic is but in a good and non-shocking way) nor too angsty but pure and enchanting. It's as if the lines of the song were written for this story although it's the other way around. Story and art were inspired by the song. I would have loved to read more about this Draco.

And the art. Three pictures, all black and white and so wonderfully painted. I love them all but the last one is my favourite. Please go and have a look at the art. Even if you don't like fanfiction at all.

Finally: Don't be cross with me when the melody is haunting you the next days. ^^