~ Happy reading ~



I'm exploring LiveJournal...

I'm not as much here as I used to be. I'm exploring LiveJournal at the moment and enjoying some great time over there. That's why I'm not  reading my current book (I'm creeping like a snail through the story although I like it). Instead I'm reading the hd_smoochfest entries. It's an annual festival about Harry/Draco which requires a happy ending. I loved the fics from last year. Connective element is 'cross media' this year. At first I thought "no, not my kind of thing" but I had been wrong. There were so many lovely stories and art over there.


Oh yeah, and yesterday I read an unbelievably great smoochfest fic: How I Met Your Father. I only saw a few episodes of HIMYM but it fit so good into Harry's world. I'm truly in awe about this mysterious author and can't wait for the reveal.

So, I'm quite busy at the moment with the World Cup, LJ and me writing another fic. But I'm reading my dashboard. Be sure of it.^^