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My June in books and fics...

Public Display of Everything - Cara Dee The Winter Courtship Rituals of Fur-Bearing Critters (Knitting Series) - Amy Lane

I had a reading slump in June. Bad thing. On the other hand I'm writing my next fanfiction and that is going well. So I can't complain.


And I have read a lot of fanfiction but I don't know the authors at the moment. No I'm not mental^^. You know, there are a lot of festivals on LiveJournal and on of the best in Harry Potter fandom is the hd_smoochfest. This year's theme was Media Remix. As I said some days ago, I wasn't thrilled at first but the authors and artists did some amazing things with their prompts. I haven't read all the fics yet, but I can recommend some creations.


First the art:

The Swan based on Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake (the wings, aw)

Fuego based on Bend it Like Beckham (yeah, World Cup feeling)

Titanic the Movie based on Titanic (I don't like the original but I love this)


Second some fics:

Before Florence based on Before Sunrise and Before Sunset (short and lovely)

Draco Malfoy and the Seven Weasleys based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (I love the funny ones)

Into Harry's Head... and Into Draco's Heart based on Inception (quite a sappy title but I really liked this mix of dream levels and magic)

and I mentioned it before

How I Met Your Father based on How I Met Your Mother (I have only seen a couple of episodes of the series but LMFAO while reading this long story)

I have some great things ahead, like The Hunger Games, 10 Things I Hate About You or Parcific Rim...

The Reveals of artists and authors will be on July, 13th. Can't wait!



OK. Back to my reading list. Some things are missing but I'm to lazy at the moment:

title author pages
Public Display of Everything Cara Dee 161
The Greyest Eye Sophie_French 224
The Fall of the Veils lettered 138
All Our Secrets Laid Bare firethesound 348
Stop All the Clocks (This Is the Last Time I'm Leaving Without You) firethesound 98
The Courtship Rituals of Fur-Bearing Critters Amy Lane 68
He Who Must Not Be Normal lettered 85
Into Harry's Head... And Into Draco's Heart Smoochfest/? 99
Manticoria zeitgeistic 248
How I Met Your Father Smoochfest/? 224
The Haunting of Draco Malfoy Omi_Ohmy 59
Harry Potter and the Sentinel Phenomenon elyssblair 179
    = 1931


The best fic I read last month wasn't from smoochfest though. It wasn't a fluffy happy one but a really sad fanfiction. And it was one of the best stories I've ever read in the Harry/Draco-Universe: Stop All the Clocks (This Is the Last Time I'm Leaving Without You) by the wonderful firethesound. She wrote some hilariously funny stories too but this one was not.

Summary: Living with Draco was difficult; living without him is unbearable. But if there’s one thing Harry learned from the war, it’s that even when one life ends, the rest of the world goes right on living.

If you aren't deterred by character death give this fic a try. Both time lines are so well written. I was in awe and drenched in tears after I'd finished it.