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The Interludes ~ Sonny and Ais

Interludes (In The Company of Shadows, #2.5) -  Ais, Santino Hassell

Be aware, The Interludes is a book for mature readers! This review contains minor spoilers for Evenfall and Afterimage.


The Interludes are a compilation of short stories and novellas from the In the Company of Shadows universe. They fill the gap between Afterimage and, the last book, Fade. And, very important, you shouldn't skip them. Not only because their content is essential to know but you need them as sort of a break.

I can't think of a reader wBody Holbrookho wasn't wiped out after the second book and, believe me, it's getting even worse in Fade. You don't believe me? Ha, you'll see.

Nonetheless, don't skip these stories, they are golden. And there are some really happy moments for our heros. Yes, seriously, Boyd AND Sin are happy here. Not all the time and not always together but they get it going and in the end they work. Yeah, for that.


And of course it's about 900 pages to early for such a happy state. And Sonny and Ais wouldn't want the reader be too happy, would they? So, take your time with these lovely stories. Rhapsody and Making it Count hold a special place in my heart now and A Matter of Time was so interesting. Did I mention that the dream in the first one, Third Party Reject, was disturbing and hot at the same time? Doesn't that sound good? :D


As always I want to share a quote, and as always I could recite whole pages of The Interludes but - don't be afraid, that's not going to happen - in the end I picked a lovely and short phrase:

He met Sin’s eyes questionly. "So... why did it end?"
Sin looked at Boyd sidelong before shrugging simply. "Because he wasn't you."


And although I could complain about Sonny and Ais being Andrejacruel to Sin and Boyd even more in Fade I can assure you the The Interludes are even better than Evenfall and Afterimage. Why? Because it's more to the point. Yes, this book is long too. But there aren't characters drowning in their own mind without seeing a way out. But be prepared, it don't last. You'll start Fade and everything is ... nope, go and see for yourself.


I shared a picture of Sin the last time and I love Boyd even more. Logically he get's two pics. And yes, in my head he looks like something inbetween these two: young Boyd Holbrook and gorgeous Andreja Pejic who looks stunning as a man and as a woman (the former he chose recently to be a she). If you don't believe me, google her or just click her name...