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My July in books and fics...

The Immortal Crown - Richelle Mead

As you can see, I'm totally lost in fanfiction land at the moment. I read only one normal book in July. OMG, I can't believe it.


And I skipt the list this month too because I read so many fics I really lost count. I read nearly every fic from smoochfest 2014 Media Remix and found some more gems:

The Darklist by one of my all time favourite fic authors dysonrules (Cheryl Dyson). Her Draco in here is to die for. I'm swooning just thinking about it :D The combined original is The Blacklist which I really need to check out.

Not My Boyfriend by taradiane. This is the best story I've ever seen written in 2nd POV. Based on the movie The Weekend but - as requeste by the fest - with a happy ending.

I Did it For Love, and I Was Not Afraid by lauren3210. This fic is very interesting because the original work is Harry Potter too. If you read this, you are going to meet all the characters but most of them are someone else. Just one example: Draco is 'The Chosen One' in this fic and he has his own character traits but some of Harry's too. Harry is his counterpart and Voldemort is ... go and see for yourself. The whole story was different but nonetheless a story about an evil wizard, horcruxes and deathly hollows.


At the moment I'm reading a fic from a different universe. I would have never guessed that I would fall for The Mortal Intstruments once more (because I haven't even bought the last book of this series and am grossed out by the authors way to write the same story over and over again) but City of Shadows by Siavahda is truly wonderful. It's a slash fic and the roles of Simon and Clary are kind of reversed. There are a lot of new elements (really good ones) and Simon is just such a cool badass in here. He makes a way better MC than Clary (sorry, but that's what I'm thinking). And his scenes with Jace are just 'awww'.


And I've done more in July. I wrote a second fic but it's for a fest and wouldn't be posted before the end of September/October and the reveals will be even later.


Thanks to RedTHaws Reads Randomly's awesome beta job, it has gone quite well. ♥

I'm currently working on another one which wants to be longer than I thought. I hope I can manage the deadline (31th of August). Today I'm hopefully signing-up for hd_erised - a special Winter/Christmas fest. Everyone writes/draws something for another and a giftee does the same for you. I love the whole idea.


Yeah, I'm quite busy at the moment. But I try not to neglect BookLikes because I really love it here too!


Have a lovely weekend :D