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The Darklist ~ dysonrules

Do you know The Blacklist? I didn't and still don't know it. Nonetheless The Darklist was one of my favourite Smoochfest fics this year. And though dysonrules (Cheryl Dyson) is one of my favourite fic authors, I read and loved it instantly, and long before the reveals.


We (readers like to talk about themselves in Royal We [pluralis majestatis], don't they?) start this story when Draco Malfoy, a most wanted criminal by the Ministry of Magic, turns up on its doorsteps and gives himself in. It's very likely he'll end up in Azkaban BUT (it's Draco we are talking about) of course he has a plan. And he only wants to share it with Harry Potter. Draco refuses to talk to anybody else but Potter (or Kingsley Shakelbolt, the Minister himself, which is even more unlikely). Yeah, but Draco has a way to get what he wants and to kill two birds with one stone. And in no time he is working with requested Harry Potter and turns his life upside down.


Oh my, where to start babbling over this wonderful story. The Darklist was so much fun and though it was quite thrilling and sometimes even horrible, it was one of the most humours and witty fanfiction stories ever. And this Draco. Flails. He was awesome. I fell for him in no time - it took just the first part of the first chapter (13th June, 2005 - Monday) and I was lost.

And Harry was warily like hell nonetheless he couldn't evade Draco's peculiar charme either. And charming he was (Oh, did I tell that already? :D). But Draco was much more and that was part of the fun of The Darklist. You just knew there was more about him form the beginning and dysonrules took some time to reveal all the loopholes and plans in plans. On the way we are going to meet some well know characters and some unknow too.


Yes, it was funny and the whole story put me into a bright mood. However there were some scenes... hard and rough. One was maybe like getting a black eye, the other was like 'No, no, no, it will not go like... oh, fuck.!' Be warned, it's not all love, peace and harmony.


Maybe some words about Harry from The Darklist too. He was so in character: stubborn, believing in the good core of people (fuck his original character boyfriend for being such a twat), impulsive and with some bad timing. I loved him though he took a lot of time to come to terms with himself. And he got so out of line once, that I would have loved to slap him at that moment. He didn't mean it the way it came out and (thankfully) acted differently but it was just urgh. Thank Merlin, it all went well in the end!


If I'll ever find the time to watch a series, I go and watch The Blacklist. Sounds, like Red and Lizzie have personalities worth to be known on their own.


You can find The Darklist on AO3. Just follow this Link. Highly recommended.