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The Magpie Lord ~ KJ Charles

The Magpie Lord - K.J. Charles

Lucien Vaudrey has always been the black sheep of the Crane family. He spent the last twenty years in China where he worked his way up from the slums smuggling and became a successful businessman. But his father and older brother died from suicide one after the other, and Lucian is now the new Earl, Lord Crane of the Magpie house. Not only a huge responsability but a liability. And Lucien isn't happy about being forced to come back to England. He loves China where he is able to love and fuck whomever he want. In England he would be called a sodomist and thrown in jail if his preferences would be known.

But that's the least of his problems. Lucien starts to show suicidal tendencies as soon as he set foot into his home. In China he got to know about magic and therefore he seeks the help of a Magician. Too bad, Magician Stephen Day has good reason to hate Crane's family.

But it's Stephen's job to help people who are victims of the missuse of magic, people like Lucien. And the new Lord Crane is not very aristocratic in his ways, taking into account his attitude, his tattoos and the way he trys to lure Stephen into his bed...


I'm biased now because I read the second and third book in this series and they totally charmend my pants off. After I read the first book I wasn't in love with the A Charm of Magpies series, especially not with Lucien.

He seemed shallow, vain and wasn't very likeable. But there was Stephen. OMG, I fell so hard for this little man (literally because he is only 5 feet tall) with the big heart and the strenth and courage of a lion. Yes, meeting Stephen Day was a pleasure.

Then there was Merrick, Lucien's manservant and friend. Also a brilliant character and I loved the banter between him and his Lord.


Maybe it was the fact that it took some time to get to know Lucien and Stephen. They started a Dom/Sub relationship which was really hot but came kind of fast. On top both were keeping a lot of secrets. And at first Lucien did look like he was only fucking around with Stephen.

For example Lucien complained all the time about Stephen's clothes. (Hell, Stephen is poor and can't afford this shit. And didn't you should know things like that as you had been forced to live in slums yourself.) You see, Lucien really drove me nuts at times. 

But the end was great and the whole concept of Magicians, Warlocks and Justiciary could totally convince me to give the second book a try. And that was a great idea and now I'm in love with both: Stephen Day and Lucien Crane.


The writing style was great. I love these magical victorian settings where one can learn new words (I'm always learning new English words but historical books are a source for a lot of old-fashioned words :D). And I loved all the humour and swearing KJ Charles put her characters into the mouth.