~ Happy reading ~



I've read 99% AND random thoughts about reading

Lord of Fire - P.L. Nunn

Well, the m/m part of the story definitely doesn't take place in this book. I'm nearly done and am eager to continue with The Winter King. I just have to work on my reading list first. The list goes like this:

- A Balancing Act and Bearded Lady by nattish
- Meatworks by Jordan Castillo Price
- Potential Gravity by zeitgeistic
- White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland


I can chose freely again after the Rowland. And The Winter King will be my first choice. And I have to read on with the second Nothern Star as well. Yeah, creating my tbr-list will be fun. Because the hp_fests I've written something for will start posting in September too. I'm screwed. LOL


Btw this book is longer on my new shiny paperwhite so I skiped back to percent. And because I love both my readers, I named them. You can call my kobo Griffin and my kindle Ival. I'm such a sappy girl but I do love these names.