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Meatworks ~ Jordan Castillo Price

Meatworks - Jordan Castillo Price

Meet Desmond Poole, 33, who lost his right hand some months ago and can't remember what happened. Desmond was an underarchiever before but since he lost his hand he is just one thing: useless. He is drowning his sorrow in vodka, skips on purpose the training  which would help him to master his prosthetic and is pissed off by everyone and everything. Social Services wants to help him and forces him to attent to an amputee support group. Desmond expects a boring group and self-pitying stories, instead he meets hot and young rudeboy Corey Steiner.


Meet Corey Steiner, 22, who lost his lower arm three years ago but works his prosthetic like an extension of his own body. He even toys with the electronics of his robotic limb. Corey is smitten by Desmond's rusty, crude charme and trys to woo him. Patience isn't Corey's best trait and when Desmond doesn't tell him about the ties he still has with his ex-boyfriend, all hell breaks loose. Because Desmond's ex-boyfriend is someone they both know...


Sounds like a normal but slightly futuristic romance? Nope, not Meatworks.

First. The book is set in Riverside and Black Rock, some parts of Buffalo "you don't want to live unless you feel particularly brave, lucky, desperate or stubborn" (quote by the author from 'About this Story').

Second. Desmond might be our MC but he is not a hero. He can be a real pain in the arse and most of the time he is just that. Nevertheless I fell for him, like Corey did. Even though half the time he drowns in self-pity and alcohol and he is prickly and rude. But deep down he is vulnerable, not completely over the break-up with his ex-boyfriend, and though he falls for Corey, he isn't the best at being honest and doing all these things a relationship requires.

Third. Corey might be hot and funny and great with his prosthetic but he isn't perfect boyfriend material either. Too impatient and maybe too young for Desmond. 

You have to see for yourself if they both can make their relationship work.


It might sound like a weird kink of mine but I loved the parts about the prosthetics and how this robotic world worked. Everything is done by robotics, mobiles or computers were never developed. It's kind of spooky to get everything picked by them (the robotics). For example they pick your favourite music and, if you are not alone, they try to find a perfect match for you and your company. They make you coffee, clean your house or flat, dim the lights for you and do everything else as well. Desmond hates it. He finds it creepy to be 'read' by them all the time. In his own flat he has only old stuff and no robotics around him (except for his new hand of course). And I could totally relate to him.

It sounds super fucking creepy to me. More than being watched by NSA or being analyzed by google algorithms all the time...


Yes, Meatworks was a fantastic read for me. Interesting, captivating and provoking with its themes and its main characters. And I loved the short streaks of romance and the sex Jordan Castillo Price has woven inbetween all the grossness.

I'll need to read more books by her. Soon.